The Top Instagrammable Places in Berlin Off the Beaten Path

One of the most instagrammable places in Berlin is Schloss Biesdorf

Where are the top Instagrammable places in Berlin?

Whether you are visiting the city or a photo-obsessed local, you may be wondering where to find the top instagrammable places in Berlin. And, if you are anything like me, you may want to go beyond just snapping shots of the Brandenburg Gate. So this post will cover the top lesser known scenic spots in Berlin, split into 3 categories: historical sights, icons from an alternative viewpoint, and the most Instagrammable neighbourhoods in Berlin. (Don’t miss my latest favourite,  Bergmannkiez!)

Berlin’s Most Insta-Worthy Historical Spots

Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin’s Pink Palace

When I discovered that Berlin had a pink palace named Schloss Biesdorf, I knew that I had to visit. But life got in the way for a while, and I moved to Switzerland and back, and did not get the chance until recently.

Because I am a huge fan of photography and everything girly, I fell for this neoclassical beauty right away. The palace was built by a duke in 1868, purchased by the Siemens family shortly thereafter, bombed during WWII and restored post-communism to its former glory.

In terms of access, the Palace is conveniently located a couple hundred metres from S-Biesdorf.

Old Town Köpenick

If you read my post on the top things to do in Berlin this summer, you will already be familiar with Köpenick. This is without a doubt one of the top Instagrammable places in Berlin that only locals know about.

Köpenick escaped WWII bombings. As a result, the old town looks much like it did back in the 1600s, with cobblestone streets, castles, turrets and a few half-timber houses. Set where the Dahme River meets the Spree, Altstadt Köpenick is criss-crossed with canals, adding to the picturesque scenery.

Old Town Spandau

If you are based in West Berlin, you can get a similar experience in Spandau’s Old Town. And if you want to see more half-timbered houses (I did!), Altstadt Spandau is the place to go. Much more compact than Köpenick, you can visit the old town in a couple hours. The U-bahn takes you straight to your destination (stop: Altstadt-Spandau).

Lesser Known Spots to Snap Away at Berlin’s Icons


Monbijoubrücke is the most touristy this post is going to get, promise! This bridge provides the perfect opportunity to get a shot of the TV tower, the Spree River, and the Bode Museum in one go. Depending, of course, on your angle. Therefore, when I am showing Berlin off to visitors, this spot just slightly off the beaten track is always on the list.

Most instagrammable place in Berlin-Mitte

Insel der Jugend

Insel der Jugend or Island of Youth is a tiny island in the Spree that served as a club house and summer camp during the communist era.

One of the boys who went to this camp loved the location so much he swore he would open a cafe in the island’s half-timbered towers when he grew up. And he did – he still is the owner today.

You can quickly reach Insel der Jugend from the city centre by train, hopping off at S-Treptower Park.


The Top Instagrammable Places in Berlin: Neighborhoods


Many locals refer to Friedenau as Berlin’s best kept secret. Although this neighbourhood is only a 10-minute S-bahn ride from Potsdamer Platz, it is surrounded by greenery and filled with cute brunch places and shops. One can say with confidence that Friedenau belongs to the top Instagrammable places in Berlin.

Another area not destroyed during the war, Friedenau still boasts stately facades, housing art galleries, specialty stores and private residences. The upmarket neighbourhood is definitely worth a wander.

Karlshorst’s Garden Network

Karlshorst offers a beautiful network of small gardens (in German: Kleingartenanlage). These go on for miles, connected by narrow dirt paths with fairytale names such as ‘Alley of the 7 Dwarves’. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this is the perfect place to completely leave the city behind. Indeed, the gardens surround an old airport, adding to the feeling of intrigue as you get lost for hours. The best way to access the gardens is to get off the S-Bahn at Karlshorst Station and make your way towards Waldowallee.


Bergmannkiez: my absolute top recommendation

Of all the top Instagrammable places in Berlin, Bergmannkiez is my favourite. This neighbourhood is an Instagrammer’s dream. I just visited this beautiful area a few days ago and will definitely be back.

When people think of Kreuzberg, they usually don’t associate it with immaculate streets and grand balconies, reminiscent of Paris or Vienna. However, this is exactly what you get in Bergmannkiez.

Which of the top Instagrammable places in Berlin will you visit next?

In conclusion, there are many Instagram-worthy places in Berlin, all of which are easily accessible via public transport. The wonderful thing about this city is that there is always more to discover, and I’m sure I will soon be updating the article. Meanwhile, which of the top Instagrammable places will you visit next? Let me know in the comments!

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