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English Covid resources berlin

A Collection of Berlin Covid Resources in English

Berlin Covid resources in English – it came to my attention that no such list of helpful links exists on the internet.

Since Covid will likely be with us a little while longer, I tried to build a collection of English Covid resources relevant to Berliners, hoping to save some of you many hours of sifting through half-translated websites.

In this Berlin Covid resources list, you’ll find answers in English to the most pressing corona-related topics, including:

  • Where to get reliable English news about Covid;
  • Where to access the latest official Covid regulations;
  • How to travel internationally during Covid;
  • How to get a test depending on whether you:
    • Have Covid symptoms but no GP;
    • Don’t have symptoms but need the test to travel;
    • Are returning from travel and require a test;
  • How to stay connected with the expat community.

I hope this guide is helpful to my fellow expats in Berlin. While all of the resources linked to are in English, some of the pages they refer to could be in German.

I highly recommend using Deepl to translate this content – this free tool offers very accurate, instant German to English translations. 

Where to get English news about the Corona virus in Berlin and Germany

The official website for Germany,, is one of the best, frequently updated English Covid resources, providing bite-size English updates on daily virus development and German legislative changes. This website focuses on Germany-wide updates.

Meanwhile, the Berlin English radio station KCRW posts weekly Covid updates and focuses on their implications for Berliners.

The Facebook Group Berlin4Beginners also posts daily Covid updates translated into English from official legislation, providing links to the original content. 

Where to access Berlin’s latest Corona rules in English

The latest version of Berlin’s official measures against the corona virus (rules and regulations), can be found on

Where to get the latest travel warnings & risk area updates

The Robert Koch Institute provides a constantly updated list of international risk areas. The page you land on is in German, but right at the top you’ll find a link to an English version which opens as a pdf.

Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Health has an extensive English-language FAQ on corona testing when traveling to Germany. There are answers to questions like:

  • Who has to quarantine after coming into Germany;
  • Who needs to get a test after returning to Germany;
  • What the correct procedure is for returning from a risk area.

Berlin Covid resources in English on getting tested

Testing centres provides a list of Corona screening centres in Berlin (in English).

If you have symptoms

TipBerlin wrote an article on how to get tested in Berlin, answering the question of whether or not you can go to your GP if you have Corona symptoms. Short answer: you can, but you should call first. Many GPs offer Corona tests, but not all. 

If you don’t have a GP or your GP doesn’t offer tests and you have symptoms, you can call one of these doctors’ offices who will treat patients other than their own. (Unfortunately, this page only exists in German).

Testing (prior to travel and returning from risk areas)

 If you plan to travel, you likely need a negative Corona test, but you cannot go to one of the testing centres or doctors’ offices mentioned above.

However, Berlin’s Public Doctors’ Association has created an official list of all doctors in Berlin who administer corona tests for non-symptomatic people planning to travel. These are the same doctors you can visit to get a negative corona test after you come back from a risk area.

Once more, this page unfortunately does not exist in English, however, it is fairly straightforward (a list of clinics per district). In some cases, you can even send an email to book an appointment.

Expat advice: work visas, relocation and more in times of corona

Because Berlin provides advice to expats on relocation, visas and working in Berlin. During the 1st wave, the team hosted several #BerlinHelpsExpats Town Halls, where advisors answered expats’ Corona-related questions in English, in partnership with various government offices.

While the latest videos were posted during the summer, much of the information is still valid. Plus, you can ask your own questions any time (for free) simply by contacting Because Berlin via their website.

Berlin Covid resources for community activities and support

Play music

Open Music School hosts free online music lessons for beginner and intermediate levels, Monday through Thursday. During Covid, all classes have shifted online and can be accessed via Zoom.

The OMS is a volunteer initiative run by Give Something Back to Berlin. Get to know other foreigners in Berlin as you sharpen your guitar, piano or ukulele skills.

Listen to music

If you’d rather listen to music than play yourself, you can visit the Konzerthaus Berlin’s website. As the venue is not offering any live performances, it has set up a complete digital program with free live streams, virtual tours, and playlists.

Watch theatre

The Maxim Gorki Theater now offers free virtual performances with English subtitles. These are, however, only available for 24 hours once a week, so make sure to schedule in the shows you want to watch.

For more digital activities in the city, check out’s culture section. (Please note that some activities may only be available in German.)

English Covid resources for Berlin international students

My German University offers frequent free webinars on the implications of studying in Germany during Covid. The next webinar takes place on October 29. You can sign up here.

Safe, socially distant activities in Berlin

There are still plenty of ways to enjoy Berlin and be safe right now. Here are few ideas from the blog:

Save these English Berlin Covid resources for future reference

Berlin Covid resources english
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If you have any other Berlin Covid resources in English to add to this list, please let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, stay strong and safe!


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