Expat Stories: Natalie, Blogger, Copywriter and Foodie

Introducing Natalie: Berlin Expat, Blogger and Foodie

A few weeks ago, I met Natalie via Instagram and we got to chatting. I love connecting with fellow Berlin bloggers, especially ones who, like Natalie, have endless foodie recommendations. In fact, I can hardly look at Natalie’s blog without getting hungry! Let’s get to know the voice behind Berlin’s 50 Top Brunch Spots a little bit better.

Cheese and ham croissants from Albatross in Kreuzberg, one of the many places Natalie introduces us to in her blog

Getting to Know Natalie

Who are you? Tell us in 30 words or less. I’m Natalie, a writer and blogger from Los Angeles now living in Prenzlauer Berg.

Why did you move to Berlin? What made you stay? I moved to Berlin last year to pursue my wanderlust and take a job as a copywriter in the city. I studied abroad here a few years and have been itching to get back since! I live here with my boyfriend and cat so we’ll be here for a few more years!

What do you love about Berlin? I love the parks, the food, and the people! I find the history to be very interesting, and there’s always something to do. I also love how diverse the city is becoming. Being from the United States and coming from a family of immigrants, diversity and inclusivity are very important to me.

What do you NOT love? I don’t love German paperwork and the negativity that a lot of the Berlin online community has.

Do you have any Berlin tips for newcomers? If you really want to live in Berlin have some idea about what you want to do here and why you want to be here. People who come to Berlin purely to ‘find themselves’ often stay here the shortest, and they’re deserving a proper shot here too!

What’s your favorite cafe or restaurant? This one is TOUGH. I really love Kanaan for brunch, it has amazing Palestinian-Israeli food. I think I’ve had the best kebab of my life at Örnek in Wedding. Umami F-Hain is a classic spot, everything’s good there! The Poutine Kitchen in Arminus Market Hall has amazing poutine and cheese curds. Taco Love has the best tacos in the city!! My favorite cafe is an adorable little spot called Spro.

Kanaan, one of Natalie’s favourite restaurants for brunch.

Where’s your favourite neighbourhood – or even better, favourite street – and why? Another hard one!! My favorite neighborhood is Prenzlauer Berg- I’ve lived in three different Berlin apartments long term and each has been P’Berg so I’ve come to really love it.

I can’t choose an absolute favorite street, but north of Nordbanhof Park at the corner of Gartenstraße and Scheringstraße there’s a really open street that looks downright magical in Autumn with the Liesenbrücken bridge in the backdrop and the leaves all around. Anywhere near the Spree is nice too, and I love the Kollwitzkiez neighborhood in Berlin.

Natalie berlin blogger
Liesenbrücken Bridge, near Nordbahnhof.

Do you have a funny Berlin story? I met one of my best friends in Berlin awhile back JUST as I was about to leave a crappy little bar near the city center after she asked me to talk to her because this guy would not leave her alone and she was by herself. A year later and I spent part of my summer in her family villa in Romania, exploring the mountains, eating all the Romanian food we could, and going into the city to bowl with her friends. Such a chance encounter, and such a great friendship!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Berlin? One of my favorite things to do in Berlin is brunch! If you’re also into brunching in Berlin, I have a downloadable guide on my blog that includes 50+ brunch spots in the city!

How can we stay in touch with you? You can follow me on Instagram or visit my blog, Natalie Etc.

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