7 Flat Whites To Try in Berlin: the Musts for Third-Wave Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers, Don’t Miss These 7 Flat Whites to Try in Berlin

This is a guest post by Natalie, recently featured in my Berlin Expats series. Natalie is the California-born and Berlin-based blogger behind Natalie Etc. When she isn’t looking for new flat whites to try in Berlin, she writes about her favourite pastimes from brunch (be sure to subscribe to her and download her brunch guide!) to bookshops, and is looking forward to sitting down at her favourite work-friendly cafe soon. 

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flat whites to try in berlin
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Quick Intro to the Flat White

Originating from Australia, this espresso-based drink has outlasted the trends, and now has a well-received home in practically any Berlin coffee shop.

Over the years, Berlin really has become a haven for coffee consumers, especially if you’re a Flat White lover. Whether or not you’ve already found your favourite Flat White in the city, these notable seven really do deserve a spot on your to-drink list.

flat whites to try in Berlin
Many stylish Berlin cafes, like Bonanza, have started serving flat whites. Photo credit: Natalie Etc.

Where Are the Best Flat Whites to Try in Berlin? 

I will share that I am not a coffee connoisseur, just a cheery coffee consumer who has a large place in my heart for Flat Whites. Without further hesitation, here are the 7 Flat Whites to try in Berlin for every coffee lover. In no particular order, of course.

Chapter One Coffee, Kreuzberg

Chapter One Coffee has a lovely ambiance, and that’s especially seen in their Flat Whites: quintessential and aromatic, with a signature slightly fruity aftertaste. 

Their practice values classic production, while being open to a number of brewing methods including French Press, Syphon, V60, Chemex and Aeropress.

flat whites to try in Berlin
One of the top flat whites to try in Berlin hails from Chapter One. Photo credit: Chapter One.

The staff is always very catering to get you the best coffee experience, and one of the co-owners even came in second in Germany’s national barista championships in 2002!

You’ll find Chapter One at Mittenwalder Straße 30 in Kreuzberg, where a flat white costs €3.10.


Oh, Spro. I really could write a whole article about everything I like here. Small and cozy, and full of life, with the kind of charm that makes me revisit again and again. Spro is actually slang for espresso, and this café really lives up to its name.

They carry two types of coffee beans: their original which is a lighter roast, directly traded from Las Chicharras plantation in Mexico, and their second which is a blend of the first, with 20% Indian Harley Estate Robusta.

flat whites to try in Berlin
SPRO brews some of the best coffee – and scones – you’ll get in Berlin. Photo credit: Natalie Etc.

With any proper Flat White, the taste of coffee should be stronger than the milk, making the espresso (or the ‘spro) an important character, and Spro just gets that. Scones are also their specialty, so try one of their scone plates and save room for a pastry or two! 

What really makes Spro stand out to me is that everyone who visits is provided with an excellent experience. When asked for recommendations in Berlin, Spro is always somewhere on my list. The owner Jonathan clearly has a passion for coffee and hospitality, and that is truly felt by every customer who walks through their doors.

SPRO is located at Schönhauser Allee 50A in Prenzlauer Berg. A flat white costs €3.30.

Ben Rahim

At Ben Rahim, you’re guaranteed a truly splendid cup of coffee. Their seasonally evolving Tunisian and Arab influences work hand in hand with unique flavour combinations like their filter coffee with apple and chamomile.

Each visit you’re guaranteed a slightly different, but equally tasty Flat White depending on the espresso combination of the day, which is always written on their board. 

flat whites to try in Berlin
Step into the world of Ben Rahim, home of one of the top flat whites to try in Berlin. Photo credit: Ben Rahim.

They also offer iced Flat Whites and nitro Flat Whites, and although they are around one to two-ish Euros pricier than the standard version, you’re in for a nice treat. You’ve got to try one of the coffee-flavoured cakes as well, like their Espresso cake!

Ben Rahim can be found at Sophienstraße 7 in Mitte. A flat white will set you back €3.30.

Bonanza Coffee Roasters

There’s no question that Bonanza Coffee Roasters helped pave the road to Berlin’s specialty coffee scene, after first arriving in Berlin in 2006. Five years ago they moved their roasting studio to Kreuzberg, and subsequently created the home of one of Berlin’s most aesthetically pleasing cafés (and that’s saying something).

Standing at 300 square meters, with about half of the café dedicated to roasting practices, their Rotterdam-based designer implemented plenty of plants, natural light, and functional architecture when creating this space.

flat whites to try in Berlin
Welcome to industrial chic Bonanza! Photo credit: Natalie Etc

Despite their hipster appearance, they actually have a pretty unique and interesting roasting method, choosing to roast the beans as little as possible so that the taste of the beans can really shine through. Their most popular drinks are their Flat Whites (try it iced in the warmer months), and the complex aromas and signature taste of the drink are telling.

If you’re looking for more than simply flat whites to try in Berlin, you can also take a 90-minute latte art class and learn from some of Berlin’s greatest.

You’ll find Bonanza at Adalberstraße 70 in Kreuzberg, with additional locations in Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte. Flat whites cost €3.40.

flat whites to try in Berlin
Definitely one of the top flat whites to try in Berlin! (At Bonanza). Photo credit: Natalie Etc.

The Visit

Is it too much to say that The Visit is a must-visit?

This beaming little coffee shop can be found in an alley off Kottbusser Tor. Their beans are house-roasted on a Loring roast machine, and the quality is easily tasted in their Flat Whites, which always come out at the right temperature and foaminess level.

Pair it with a slice of cake and you’re set. I recommend the airy and bright Kreuzberg location, but they have two other cafés in the city. 

The Visit is located at Adalbertsraße 9 in Kreuzberg. There are secondary locations in Schöneberg and Wedding. Flat whites are slightly pricier at The Visit, costing €3.60.

The Visit has fabulous flat whites as well as many yummy desserts. Photo credit: Natalie Etc.

Five Elephant

If you live in Berlin and have never heard of Five Elephant, you might have actually tried their coffee before! Committed to green and sustainable practices, their beans have become quite popular throughout the city and are used in cafes like West Berlin and Fine Bagels. 

Order a decadent Flat White and sit underneath the lush trees on their street or find a spot along the canal just steps away to truly enjoy their coffee.

Five Elephant can be found at Reichenbergerstraße 101 in Kreuzberg, with several other locations (Charlottenburg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg). A flat white also costs €3.60.

flat whites to try in Berlin - 5 elephant
Five Elephant definitely makes the cut when it comes to flat whites to try in Berlin. Photo credit: 5 Elephant.

Concierge Coffee

Of all the flat whites to try in Berlin, the boutique espresso bar Concierge Coffee is the perfect place to end our list. This little hole in the wall provides excellent third-wave coffee at first-wave prices. 

The founders are actually alumni of Bonanza’s school of coffee, and they’ve certainly carried their knowledge into making great Flat Whites. The atmosphere manages to perfectly capture the coffee culture in Berlin, with a mix of classic and modern.

Visit Concierge at Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40 in Kreuzberg, where a flat white only costs €2.80. 

flat whites to try in Berlin
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Will You Tick These 7 Flat Whites to Try in Berlin Off Your Coffee Bucket List?

It is important to note that all these flat whites to try in Berlin can be ordered to go. As such, you won’t have to miss out on a single sumptuous caffeine fix due to lockdown. And especially as the weather gets nicer, there’s nothing better than to enjoy a lovely flat white outside, perhaps as you scope out Berlin’s cherry blossoms?

Do you know of any other flat whites to try in Berlin? Leave your tips below!

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  1. These all look and sound like great places to stop for a flat white! I would love to visit one of them while in Berlin and get a cake as well.

  2. I’m a coffee lover, so only SPRO was a new place for me here. And… they have much more than Flat White (which I haven’t yet tried) – they have a peanut butter Mocca. Have seen it only there.
    And &Coffee based in Charlottenburg definitely deserves a place in this top.

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