How to Visit Görlitz, Germany: 11 Unmissable Sights & Photo Spots

Visit Görlitz Germany

Why Everyone Should Visit Görlitz, Germany At Least Once

This post was written in collaboration with the City of Görlitz, whom I reached out to after a fabulous trip planned independently. As always, all opinions are my own. 

When I heard about a city on the German-Polish border that wasn’t bombed during World War II, leaving beautifully intact buildings used as sets for international blockbusters, I knew I had to check it out ASAP. 

I’m referring to Görlitz, nestled on the banks of the Neiße River, some 200 km from Berlin and Wroclaw. 

If you’ve watched films like The Book Thief or The Grand Budapest Hotel, you might think that some streets and scenes look familiar when you visit Görlitz – and with good reason, as both of these movies were shot here. 

However, in spite of frequent A-List appearances, the name Görlitz remains unfamiliar to many. Therefore, I still count it as a best-kept secret for a weekend or day trip out of Berlin

Visit Görlitz, Germany
Görlitz is so picturesque, it is often used as a movie set for local and international films.

Top Reasons to Visit Görlitz, Germany

If you love history, photography, or Hollywood classics, you may already be convinced enough to visit Görlitz! But the appeal of this little city goes way beyond the above-mentioned highlights. 

Maybe you fancy walking over a bridge into another country? Yes, crossing the border between Germany and Poland is as simple – and picturesque – as strolling along the Old Town or John Paul II Bridges.

Indeed, Görlitz and its twin Polish city, Zgorzelec, used to be a single unit, split after World War II. Still today, locals go about their business hopping from the German to the Polish shore and vice versa on a daily basis. So Görlitz/Zgorzelec definitely also ticks off that multi-cultural element!

What’s more, Görlitz is surrounded by greenery. From scenic river paths to lush parks and old neighbourhoods with tall trees, you’ll never be far from nature. 

If you’d like a city break that combines heritage, culture and nature, make sure to book yourself a little Görlitz getaway. And for tips on unmissable things to do in Görlitz, read on!

Visit Görlitz Zgorzelec
Zgorzelec, Poland: Görlitz’s twin city.

11 Unmissable Things to Do in Görlitz

Admire Perfectly Preserved Architecture 

As Görlitz was virtually spared from World War II destruction (one of the only cities in Germany, in fact), today’s visitors will discover a wide range of architectural styles spanning at least 9 centuries. Testifying to this fact, there are around 4,000 protected buildings and monuments in Görlitz!

Of course, like all parts of East Germany, Görlitz’s buildings suffered during the communist era, but since the fall of the wall, these have regained their original splendor. 

In fact, restoration was made possible so quickly by a generous benefactor whose identity remains unknown to the public. Since 1995, Görlitz’s mysterious saviour has been donating millions of euros to renovation efforts each year. 

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  1. Ahh, I was just in the Dresden region and I can’t believe I missed this hidden gem! I live in Munich and we do plan on road tripping up through Poland later this year, so I might have to make an extra stop. It looks like such a perfect town. I love the library and the charming streets. How interesting they have a mysterious benefactor! Thanks for sharing, adding it to my German bucket list.

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