Where Are The Top Places to Visit in Zürich in 24 Hours?

places to visit in Zürich

 Don’t Miss The Top Places to Visit in Zürich, Easily Seeable in 24 Hours!

I visited Switzerland on a trip sponsored by various local travel organizations, hotels and restaurants and am so grateful for these gifted experiences. Rest assured that, as always, all opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to go on a train trip sponsored by Swiss Travel System. Equipped with a Swiss Travel Pass, I had unlimited access to Switzerland’s public transport network. I journeyed from Zürich to Lugano and back to Basel on panoramic trains – adding another top travel experience to my memories!

My Swiss adventure began with 24 hours in Zürich. As this was my third trip to this international banking hub, I roughly knew what I wanted to see, but since I didn’t yet have a guide to Zürich on the blog, I thought it was about time to write one! So this post will cover the top places to visit in Zürich in 24 hours.

Read on to discover beautiful photo spots, unmissable sights and food tips!

top places to visit in Zürich in 24 hours
Read this post to discover the top places to visit in Zürich in 24 hours!

Where to Stay in Zürich

Since I only had 24 hours in the city, I wanted to be near the top places to visit in Zürich. Therefore, I reached out to hotel marta, a lovely, architect-designed property in the Old Town which kindly sponsored my one-night stay.

hotel marta is not only strategically located – just a short walk from Lake Zürich, for example – but also home to fantastic views over many of the city’s iconic sights, including most of the Old Town. The header image for this post was shot from my suite’s window, actually!

I was fortunate enough to stay in the Panorama Room on the 7th floor, with bay windows providing sweeping vistas all the way to the nearby mountain range.

top places to visit in zürich
You can actually spot many of the top places to visit in Zürich from the panoramic windows at hotel Marta.

You might imagine hotel marta to be quite pricey, but the venue actually remains very affordable, especially compared to other lodging options that are so centrally located. And as a bonus – breakfast is included in the nightly rate!

What made my stay truly special, however, is hotel marta’s commitment to sustainability and women’s welfare, with programs that help economically endangered women re-enter society through employment.

hotel marta’s parent company offers protected workplaces for mentally or cognitively impaired women. In addition, a fixed number of guest rooms are reserved for women in need.

So if you’d like to stay at a hotel with great views that also does great things, make sure to check out hotel marta when you visit Zürich.

top places to visit in zürich
One of hotel marta’s unique features: an architect-designed spiral staircase.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Zürich

If you’re only in town for 24 hours, you might be wondering which places to visit in Zürich are the most interesting. Below are my top 3 choices, especially if you’re short on time.

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