Experience the Enchantment: Your Szczecin Christmas Market Guide (2021)

Szczecin Christmas market 2021

Explore 4 Traditional Polish Christmas Markets in Szczecin

This post was written in collaboration with Visit Szczecin and may contain affiliate links, but rest assured that, as always, all recommendations are my own. 

After travelling to beautiful Szczecin, Poland, over the summer, I knew I wanted to go back and experience this historic city during the colder months. There was no better time to do so than at the start of the Szczecin Christmas market season (in early December).

In partnership with Visit Szczecin, I explored 4 charming, traditional Polish Christmas markets on opening weekend, basked in the gently falling snow, soaked up the cheer, and ate and drank my weight in holiday fare. In this post, I’ll be sharing the best Szczecin Christmas activities at the markets and beyond.

Please note that Szczecin’s Christmas markets are up and running in 2021, but of course, Covid regulations apply, so make sure to read up on these before visiting.

Szczecin Christmas Market
It snowed on our last day of exploring the Szczecin Christmas market scene.

Introducing Szczecin, Poland

Before we dive into the Szczecin Christmas market scene, here is a brief historical overview of the city.

Szczecin is located very close to the German border on the banks of the Oder River, just a 2.5-hour drive from Berlin. Until World War II, Szczecin was part of the Prussian Empire. German was widely spoken and there was a direct train line connecting the thriving merchant city to Berlin and many international destinations.

Szczecin bred its fair share of influential historical figures, too. One of the 18th century’s most powerful women, Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, was even born and raised in the Ducal Castle.

Szczecin ducal castle
Szczecin’s Ducal Castle, where Catherine the Great was born.

Szczecin’s history goes back much further than its integration into Prussia, however. Indeed, Szczecin has changed rulers many times since the 8th century, when it was founded by the Vikings. Since then, the wealthy port town was coveted (and conquered) by Poland, Sweden, Prussia and even France.

Interestingly, today’s visitors will find traces of the city’s eclectic, international past as they wander about town. The area around Deptak Boguslawa, for example, is offered referred to as a pastel Paris, with its clourful Hausmann-style buildings lining grand boulevards.

Szczecin Christmas market vibes
Szczecin Christmas market vibes

How to Plan Your Perfect Szczecin Christmas Market Weekend

Alright, so let’s get to it: Szczecin Christmas market season is upon us!

There are 4 markets in Szczecin, conveniently located in the city center and within easy walking distance of each other. This year, the Christmas magic extends beyond Aleja Kwiatowa, Adamowicz and Lotników Squares for the first time, taking over charming the charming, aforementioned Deptak Boguslawa pedestrian zone.

The markets being quite compact, it is easy to visit all four in a few hours, but I recommend checking them out at least twice: once during the day and once after dark.

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