3 Amazing Berlin Mitte Restaurants To Try This Winter

best Berlin Mitte restaurants

Ward Off the Cold at These Chic and Cosy Berlin Mitte Restaurants

In partnership with OpenTable, I chose several intriguing Berlin Mitte restaurants to visit in December. This post is the summary of my experiences – rest assured that all opinions are those of Berlin & Around. 

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
One of the Berlin Mitte restaurants I had the pleasure of trying was einsunternull. Their rainbow cake was to die for!

The best ways to experience Berlin in the colder months are undoubtedly through Christmas markets and culinary endeavours. Fortunately, the German capital offers the latter in spades once the Weihnachtsmärkte have closed for the season.

Thanks to OpenTable, I recently unearthed 3 unique Berlin Mitte restaurants serving regional, wintery dishes guaranteed to get you through the January (and probably February) freeze. I’m so excited to share these discoveries with my fellow Hauptstadt foodies and visitors!

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Berlin Mitte restaurants
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Berlin Mitte Restaurants
OpenTable makes it easy to book leading Berlin Mitte restaurants like India Club online.

3 Unique Berlin Mitte Restaurants You Must Try

Without further ado, let me introduce you to 3 innovative culinary experiences in Berlin that offer delicious wintery fare in a stylish ambiance.

Avocado Club

This may not be the most original thing about me, but I love avocados! So much so that I even dug up an avocado bar in Rome. When I found out through OpenTable that Berlin also has a restaurant dedicated to this superfood, I knew I had to check it out.

Opened 2 months ago, Avocado Club is one of the newer Berlin Mitte restaurants, and I’m sure it will draw crowds!

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
Avocado Club: the only Berlin restaurant to include avocado in every dish.
The Food & Drinks

As you can imagine, avocado is an integral part of every dish at this central Berlin restaurant. The owners are so dedicated to the fruit that an avocado latte (2 shots of espresso mixed with avocado cream) is even on the drinks list! Avocado Club serves healthy, satisfying and beautifully presented dishes from breakfast to dinner.

Menu options included curries and bowls, steak + avo mashed potatoes and even avocado-stuffed ravioli. You’ll be sure to find something to suit your mood.

Best of all, all the avocados are sustainably sourced, supporting farmers in South and Central America. Sustainability doesn’t end here, either – every avocado part, including peel and seed, is recycled in-house or through a local partner.

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
Avocado latte, anyone?
The Space

Light, airy decor and pink accents characterize Avocado Club, the most casual of the 3 Berlin Mitte restaurants in this post.

A full-service bar and a La Marzocco coffee machine give off the distinct impression that this place knows how to transition from day to night (it closes at 11 pm).

All in all, Avocado Club lends itself to many different situations: breakfast with friends, lunch with colleagues, or even a casual date night.

Oh, and while you’re here, make sure to give Avocado Club’s resident pomeranian some cuddles!

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
Avocado Club is the perfect healthy venue for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Why It’s Great for Winter

I don’t know about you, but winter is tough on my body – and I know that my immune system can use all the extra support it can get when grey days outnumber sunny ones.

So a meal at Avocado Club kills two birds with one stone: you’ll get a healthy, tasty, and hearty meal while fueling your body with vitamins.

Bottom line: if you’re looking to try one of the Berlin Mitte restaurants that makes healthy food look and taste great, add Avocado Club to your list this winter.

Book your table at Avocado Club.

India Club

Another one of the Berlin Mitte restaurants that stood out to me on OpenTable was India Club. I was immediately attracted to the cheerful yet stately ambiance – and intrigued by the fact that this was the first Indian restaurant in Germany to earn a mention in the revered Michelin Guide.

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
Welcome to India Club – the first of the Berlin Mitte Restaurants to serve Indian cuisine and earn a spot in the Michelin Guide.
The Food & Drinks

Let’s cut to the chase: the food was sensational and the drinks were as delicious as they were inventive. This sleek venue, steps from the Brandenburg Gate, serves North Indian cuisine.

So think curries like buttered chicken prepared according to Chef Manish Bahukhandi’s family recipe. There are a ton of vegan and vegetarian options, too.

In terms of drinks, my camerawoman Naomi and I ordered a couple of non-alcoholic, but oh-so-Instagrammable cocktails. Particularly noteworthy were the Spicey Guave (which arrived covered by a bubble) and the Pink Pearls (which stuns with its Fushia colour).

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
India Club prepares beautiful, delicious and inventive drinks.
The Space

At India Club, brightly coloured chandeliers and light art complement the British colonial-style mahogany furniture and dark wood panelling. The ambiance is sophisticated yet playful: the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion – or perhaps to bring your parents when they’re in town.

Why It’s Great for Winter

As you can imagine, North India’s hearty dishes are perfect for cold winter days. But beyond the joy of warming up with a flavourful curry, you’ll be able to imagine, for a short while, that you aren’t just sitting in an award-winning Berlin restaurant, but rather, are on a culinary adventure halfway across the world.

Book your table at India Club.

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
Pay a visit to India Club for North Indian winter favourites like hearty curries served with rice and Naan bread.


I was very much looking forward to trying one of the few Berlin Mitte restaurants to have received a coveted Michelin Star. And spoiler alert: einsunternull did not disappoint!

The Food & Drinks

To earn a Michelin Star, a restaurant needs to tick off 5 boxes: quality ingredients, mastery of unique but sustainable cooking techniques, personality, value for money, and consistency.

In my humble opinion, einsunternull succeeds in each respect. It is worth noting that a 6-course meal will set you back 130€ a person, but this truly is a case where you get what you pay for.

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
Sleek, chic, but still laidback: that’s einsunternull.

This suave yet uncomplicated Berlin restaurant serves seasonal dishes with fresh, regional flavours, with or without meat. Also included are delectable appetizers and pralines for dessert.

Ingredients are sourced from local farms – and even grown in einsunternull’s garden. Guests can also opt to pair each course with a glass of red or white from the expertly curated wine list (or a non-alcoholic alternative).

Every beautifully presented dish is a homage to the German capital, as chef Silvio Pfeufer challenges us to answer the question “what is Berlin”. Concretely, you might find beet tartar, deep-fried celery crunch and grilled cabbage with Knödel on your plate, paying homage to Southern German cuisine.

Make sure you save some room for dessert: the lime and gooseberry raindrop cake was a definite highlight of the evening.

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
Never has celery looked so fancy!

The Space

einsunternull is one of those historic Berlin Mitte restaurants boasting a very singular past life. It is housed within an old Stasi building, further accentuating the theme of being deeply rooted in the city’s (at times turbulent) fabric.

Today, the space does not at all resemble what one could imagine a secret services office to look like. With cream-coloured brick walls and minimalist decor, einsunternull bridges the gap between cafe chic and understated luxury.

Some little appetizers were brought to us on arrival.
Why It’s Great for Winter

While einsunternull could easily be recommended year-round, the seasonally changing menu ensures a winter visit will be unique. Plus, there’s is no better time to explore the city’s indoor offerings than when the mercury drops, and no better way to do so than by going on a culinary journey orchestrated by an award-winning local chef.

Book your table at einsunternull.

Berlin Mitte Restaurants
Even the bread and butter are homemade at einsunternull.

Discover More Berlin Mitte Restaurants

Whether you’re looking for healthy fare in a casual setting, international dishes in stylish surroundings or fine dining inspired by the city itself, central Berlin restaurants do not disappoint.

Avocado Club, India Club and einsunternull are, of course, just 3 examples of amazing Berlin Mitte restaurants, and I’m sure that there are many others to be discovered through OpenTable, which currently features over 2,000 dining experiences in the capital! So, Guten Appetit!

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