How to Plan an Unforgettable Train Ride Through Switzerland

train ride through switzerland

What’s It Like to Go On a 4-Day Train Ride Through Switzerland? 

My train ride through Switzerland was sponsored by various local travel organizations, including Swiss Travel System. I am so grateful for these gifted experiences! Rest assured that, as always, all opinions are my own.

As my long-term readers know, I used to live in Switzerland. Due to happenstance, I spent 6 months in Chur, a picturesque, historic town nestled in the Alps, about an hour from Zürich. Afterwards, I never really got this beautiful country – and its landscapes – out of my head.

When I received the opportunity to plan a scenic train ride through Switzerland, I was thrilled. Sponsored by Swiss Travel System, I spent 4 days riding iconic trains like the Bernina Express and Gotthard Panorama Express, as well as commuter trains that offered views almost as stunning. 

train ride through Switzerland.
Beautiful Chur, where I lived for 6 months, and the inspiration behind my latest train ride through Switzerland.

The best part: thanks to a Swiss Travel Pass, I had unlimited access to the entire country’s public transportation network. 

In this blog post, I’ll take you along on my journey and help you plan your own scenic train ride through Switzerland, which, trust me, you won’t regret!

train ride through Switzerland
My train ride through Switzerland included a stop in stunning Lugano.

Why Did I Choose Train Travel in Switzerland?

Before we get started, let me tell you why I chose a multi-day train ride through Switzerland instead of, say, renting a car. Well, simply put, train travel is the most convenient and comfortable way to see the country. 

There are over 25,000 train, bus, ferry and cable car stops in Switzerland. Even the smallest, most remote villages are connected to the world via public transport.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to get from big cities to remote mountain towns and experience the Swiss countryside, train travel is extremely practical and reliable. You can get all around the country efficiently using public transport. 

train ride through switzerland
A train ride through Switzerland will take you very close to stunning lakes, like Walensee.

What’s more, a train ride through Switzerland will leave you wondering if you haven’t magically stepped into an alternate universe where everything is just picture-perfect!

Chances are, as you make your way to your next destination, you’ll pass crystal clear lakes, towering waterfalls, rolling hills dotted with wooden chalets, and your fair share of cows grazing in lush pastures. Plus you won’t have to worry about dealing with traffic, so you can devote your entire attention to the scenery. 

10 thoughts on “How to Plan an Unforgettable Train Ride Through Switzerland

  1. This trip sounds amazing! And your pictures are incredible. Was the Bündner Trilogie vegetarian? It also seemed yummy. I would love to do some of these train rides !! Have you ever been to Cham, it’s also super cute. And omg, I never heard of Chur, but now it’s high on my list! What an adorable and historical place!

    1. Hey Christine 🙂 Switzerland is truly breathtaking, so this was the trip of a lifetime, especially if one likes mountain scenery! For the Bündner Trilogie, we get the option of vegetarian or not! Can only recommend a visit to Chur on your next Swiss trip and I’ll have to check out Cham, too!

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