17 Beautiful Spots to See Cherry Blossoms in Berlin

cherry blossoms in Berlin

Where Are the Prettiest Cherry Blossoms in Berlin?

Cherry blossom season in Berlin is – without a doubt – my favourite time of the year. (And something that Covid cannot take away from us!) In this blog post, I’m jotting down my 17 top spots to see cherry blossoms in Berlin.

Or, in other words, this is the culmination of 5 springs of me frantically scurrying around, trying to capture every blooming tree in the city.

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cherry blossoms in berlin

One of my first posts on the blog was about Berlin’s most Instagrammable places off the beaten path. Well, during cherry blossom season, that list definitely quadruples!

At the end of this post, you’ll find my Cherry Blossom Map, pointing to the exact locations I mention.

Let’s dive in!

When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Berlin?

If you’d like to see cherry blossoms in Berlin in full bloom, make sure to schedule your visit for April. In 2020, the blossoms started appearing earlier (towards the end of March). But do not fear – they lasted a good month. In 2021, cherry blossom season was delayed a few additional weeks due to cold spells.

At the time of writing (end of March 2022), the blossoms have just started to make their appearance.

cherry blossoms berlin
Cherry trees along Schwedter Straße.

Cherry Blossoms in Charlottenburg

Charlottenburg S-Bahn

It might be a bit strange to associate an S-Bahn station with cherry blossoms, but you’ll find a row of pink trees lining the path alongside the rails.

Photo courtesy of nipponinsider.de

Halensee Cemetery

Cherry trees populate the most unexpected places in Berlin, including many cemeteries. If you don’t mind walking amidst the tombstones, you’ll be rewarded by some lovely trees in bloom come April. One such resting place is the Halensee Friedhof, which you can access via Bornstedter Str.

Cherry blossoms in Berlin can also be found in cemeteries.

Cherry Blossoms in Friedrichshain

Frankfurter Allee

Urbanity and nature collide in Friedrichshain – especially along Frankfurter Allee. There are some beautiful trees clustered around the entrance to the Frankfurter Allee underground station. As you continue up the street, you’ll be able to snap away at even more bubble gum-coloured blossoms against a backdrop of Soviet wedding cake style buildings. (Yes, “wedding cake” is a real architectural term – I looked it up).

Cherry blossoms in Berlin Friedrichshain
Cherry blossoms in Berlin Friedrichshain, captured by @conniecatania.

Zierkirschen am Oberbaum

There’s nothing like shooting cherry blossoms with Berlin’s icons in the background. You can do so across from the famous Oberbaumbrücke, the red brick bridge which famously connects East and West Berlin.

Photo courtesy of Visit Berlin

Cherry Blossoms in Lichtenberg

Gündelfinger Str.

Some of the earliest blossoms to greet the spring are called Yamazakura. I’ve mainly seen them in Lichtenberg (although, as I live here, it could just be that I’ve noticed them close to home more often).

A row of these cherry trees can be found along Gündelfinger Str and, more specifically, in front of the Musik-Kindergarten Lichtenberg. I enjoy visiting this spot to take pictures of the neighbouring 100-year-old St. Marien Church framed by blossoms.

cherry blossoms in Berlin
St Marien’s Church framed by cherry blossoms.

Köpenicker Allee

This is my absolute favourite cherry blossom lane in Berlin! I love this spot so much, I was hesitant to share it with you guys (sorry!). Lined by Yamazakura as well as the fluffier Kanzan blossoms, Köpenicker Allee is a feast for the eyes – and best of all, far removed from the crowds.

You can easily get those classic “strolling under the cherry blossoms” shots without a ton of people in your way. As long as you don’t mind a few confused stares from the street’s long-time residents walking past, you’ll have a great time snapping away.

cherry blossoms in berlin
My very own cherry tree lane in Karlshorst.


Major disclaimer – I discovered Lehndorffstraße’s cherry trees too late in the season, so I didn’t get to see them in bloom. This being said, I’m enough of a cherry tree nerd to recognize the narrow, pointy leaves of Kanzan branches there on one of my many walks through Prinzenviertel. I’d say there are about 10 or so trees on the street, one lined up after the other. Lehndorffstraße will be one of the first places I check out this year!


Lovely little Rheinsteinpark is a great spot for relaxing under the cherry trees. I’ve often seen local families spread a blanket out and have a picnic or read for hours. There are only a few prime spots, however, and they get taken up quite fast. You’ll find a mix of Yamazakura and Kanzan trees here.

cherry blossoms in Berlin
Posing in front of a cherry tree in Reinsteinpark.

Cherry Blossoms in Berlin Mitte

Wilhelmstraße 88

Only steps from Hitler’s bunker, a courtyard full of cherry trees beckons. I’m not sure if there is a connection, but there very well could be. Often, Berlin’s cherry trees are planted in places typically associated with division and war (for example, along the Mauerweg) – in an effort to create new, positive memories where the ground was once scorched.

see cherry blossoms in Berlin
Wilhelmstraße 88 – one of my favourite places to see cherry blossoms in Berlin.


Berlin’s oldest cloister, now hardly more than a frame and ruins, is surrounded by some lovely cherry trees. This is a haven of peace only steps from the hustle and bustle of Alexanderplatz.

Volkspark am Weinberg

The Volkspark am Weinberg, at the intersection of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, is another one of my favourite places for cherry blossom spotting. It has personal significance for me, too, as I used to hang out there after spin classes at Becycle during my first spring in Berlin. Big pink Kanzan blossoms surround the shallow basin, making for great photo ops.

cherry blossoms in berlin
Cherry blossom reflections: in full bloom at Volkspark am Weinberg.

Cherry Blossoms in Prenzlauer Berg


As you wander around Prenzlauer Berg, it won’t be difficult to stumble upon cherry trees. Indeed, the streets of this oh-so-photogenic neighbourhood become even more Insta-worthy in the springtime. One of my favourite streets is Sredzkistraße, with its pastel buildings making for the perfect backdrop.

I can’t talk about cherry blossoms in Berlin without mentioning Prenzlauer Berg and Sredzkistraße.


Rykestraße is just as breathtaking. I could write much more about it, but, abiding by the old adage that a photo is worth a thousand words, I’ll just leave this picture below.

cherry blossoms berlin
Can you even believe this tree exists? On Rykestraße.

Cherry Blossoms in Wedding

Schwedter Straße

For cherry blossom sightings with a city backdrop, head to Schwedter Str. You’ll be able to wander amidst the pink trees and take in views of the TV Tower in the distance. This is a popular spot, though, so it is best to arrive early in the day, if you can.

cherry blossoms in berlin
If anyone asks me where to see cherry blossoms in Berlin, the first place I’ll direct them is Schwedter Steg.

Bornholmer Straße

While you’re in the area, you can easily add the cherry tree lane on Bornholmer Straße to your itinerary. This row of trees was planted where the Berlin Wall used to stand and is the most famous spot for cherry blossom sightings in the city. You are quite likely to run into the crowds, but it is worth a visit all the same.

cherry blossoms in berlin
Bornholmer Straße a bit early in the season.

Community Tips: Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Berlin According to Followers of Berlin & Around

Update: since originally publishing this post, I’ve received a few messages from you guys, pointing me to some more gorgeous spots to see cherry blossoms in Berlin. I’ve added these below.

Zeiss Planetarium (Prenzlauer Berg)

You’ll be able to spot the cherry blossoms in front of the Zeiss Planetarium as soon as you step out of the Prenzlauer Allee S-Bahn. There are about a dozen trees.

I managed to visit early in the morning and had the lawn almost to myself, except for a few joggers who couldn’t help but stop and snap a couple of pictures.

cherry blossoms in berlin
The Zeiss Planetarium is another great spot to see cherry blossoms in Berlin.

Zionskirchstraße (Mitte)

Two rows of cherry trees await you on Zionkirchstraße, a little street of Kastanienallee which leads to the lovely Zionskirche. You’ll be able to capture the church in the background framed by cherry blossoms. Just watch out for the cars if you decided to shoot in the middle of the road.

cherry blossoms in Berlin
Zionskirchstraße is a photographer’s dream – and a must for everyone looking for cherry blossoms in Berlin.

Bonus: Cherry Blossoms in Potsdam

Potsdam makes for a great day trip from Berlin and is even more worth it during cherry blossom season. I would even tend to say that, while the cherry blossoms in Berlin are gorgeous, those in Potsdam are bigger, pinker, and surrounded by fewer people.

The little village of Marquardt has its fair share of cherry blossoms.

My favourite place to see cherry blossoms is the little village of Marquardt, a short region train ride from Berlin’s Central Station. The aptly named “Am Garten” Street has a whole row of Kanzan trees. If you make your way to the lakeside, you’ll also be able to spot a lovely old cherry tree overlooking the water. Both of these spots are musts for me each year.

Cherry trees and lakeside views – hardly anything more idyllic (in Marquardt, Potsdam).

Your map to cherry blossoms in Berlin

Will you be on the hunt for cherry Blossoms in Berlin & Potsdam?

I sure know I will be! In fact, I plan to update this article throughout the season, in order to keep you abreast of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Berlin and Brandenburg. If you know of other spots for cherry blossom sightings, please let me know in the comments – and you can be sure I’ll show up with my camera some point soon!

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  1. Love this! The cherry blossoms are so beautiful! Sometimes I come across them by accident and it’s such a nice surprise. You mentioned the cherry blossoms on the Mauerweg, but they didn’t make the list? I think it’s called Kirschbaumallee and they were a gift from the Japanese for reunification / the wall coming down.

    1. Hey Christine! I love discovering these surprise blossoms too 🙂

      I unfortunately have not been to see the blossoms along the Mauerweg in Lichterfelde yet (planned for this year), only those along Bornholmerstraße, which is mentioned in the article. If you know of any other spots on the outskirts of Berlin, please do let me know, happy to link to you in the post!

  2. Thanks for the post. I just wanted to ask you if you are updating us here on when the flowers are fully blooming this year. That would be really nice to know rather than traveling that far (for me) and not being able to find them in their full glory 🙂

    1. Hey Supriya, thanks for your comment 🙂 Great feedback – I just added a section on when to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. And for more precise updates, you can follow along on my Instagram (www.instagram.com/berlinandaround), where I’ll be posting frequent updates through the season.

  3. Hi, in Kreuzberg most beautiful tree with pink blossoms in Erkelenzdamm, in front of Elisabeth Hof 💖

  4. Hi, the Zionkirchstrasse leading to the Zionkirche has beautiful cherry blossoms now. The view with the church at the centre and the street with two rows of cherry trees just look awesome.

    1. Hi Fernando, you have to continue all the way up the street, past Mauerpark. The blossoms start at the intersection of Schwedter Str. and Schwedter Steg. The exact location is on my map in the post (it’s the northernmost point). I hope this helps!

  5. If I ever visit Berlin, it will have to be during Cherry Blossom season! It looks so magical and so pretty! I love the views from Sredzkistraße with the picturesque buildings at the back. So lovely!

  6. I have wanted to go back to Berlin since I visited the first time a few years ago – I had no idea they even had cherry blossoms, but I would absolutely love to see them! The cemetery and Volkspark am Weinberg are especially compelling.

  7. I love spring season in Europe and cherry blossoms are one of my favorite sights outdoors. This is the perfect guide for locals as well as visitors visiting Berlin during this time. I have saved it for later, thank you! 🙂

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