19 Berlin English Covid Resources

A Collection of Berlin English Covid Resources Berlin English Covid Resources – it came to my attention that no such list of helpful links exists on the internet. Since Covid will likely be with us a little while longer, I tried to build a collection of English Covid resources relevant to Berliners, hoping to save some of youContinue reading “19 Berlin English Covid Resources”

Where to See Fall Foliage in Berlin (and Potsdam)

Discover the best places to see fall foliage in Berlin and Potsdam Fall foliage in Berlin and Potsdam: what a treat! This is already my 4th autumn in Berlin! No wait, it’s actually my 5th. Time flies! And while I am the biggest fan of spring – and cherry blossom season – there’s something about theContinue reading “Where to See Fall Foliage in Berlin (and Potsdam)”

The 17 Best Places to Run in Berlin

17 Best Places to Run in Berlin, Curated by Berliners While blogging on Berlin & Around may be my top hobby, running is a close second. (I actually came up with this article idea on one of my jogs.) So I reached out to the Berlin expat community to discover their favourite routes. And that’sContinue reading “The 17 Best Places to Run in Berlin”

Meet Clémentine: Berlin Vintage Fashion Solopreneur

Clémentine’s Story: Building a Vintage Fashion Business in Berlin I’m very excited to add a new chapter to our Expat Stories! After featuring Faye, British health and fitness coach, I had a chat with Berlin vintage fashion solopreneur Clémentine. It is in Berlin that this expat discovered her love of 90s fashion could also becomeContinue reading “Meet Clémentine: Berlin Vintage Fashion Solopreneur”

4 Berlin Historical Sites Under the Radar: Exploring Karlshorst

Discover Major Berlin Historical Sites Away From the Crowds in Karlshorst Karlshorst is one of those leafy, quiet suburbs where, at first glance, you think nothing significant every happened. But during my many jogs in the area, I accidentally stumbled upon major historical sites. From DDR watch towers to an abandoned airport to the placeContinue reading “4 Berlin Historical Sites Under the Radar: Exploring Karlshorst”

Berlin Expat Life: Faye Morley, British Fitness Trainer

Berlin expat life through the eyes of British fitness trainer, Faye Welcome to a new type of article on Berlin & Around! In starting this blog, I didn’t only want to share my own Berlin impressions, but also those of fellow expats. So, on top of day trips from Berlin and activities in the city,Continue reading “Berlin Expat Life: Faye Morley, British Fitness Trainer”

Black-Owned Businesses in Berlin

This post contains affiliate links to products or offers I know you’ll love. These help me earn some coffee money and keep the blog going, at no charge to you. Discover Black-Owned Businesses in Berlin, Curated by the Berlin & Around Community As everyone knows, we are living in difficult times. If you are looking toContinue reading “Black-Owned Businesses in Berlin”

The Top Instagrammable Places in Berlin Off the Beaten Path

Where are the top Instagrammable places in Berlin? Whether you are visiting the city or a photo-obsessed local, you may be wondering where to find the top instagrammable places in Berlin. And, if you are anything like me, you may want to go beyond just snapping shots of the Brandenburg Gate. So this post willContinue reading “The Top Instagrammable Places in Berlin Off the Beaten Path”

Things To Do in Berlin This Summer

There are still plenty of things to do in Berlin this summer, even if everything is different. Summer in Berlin is the season everybody loves. But this year, things are going to be different, and of course, travel is out of the question. So how can we still enjoy the warmer weather? If you likeContinue reading “Things To Do in Berlin This Summer”

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