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berlin day trips
Exploring Dresden’s Altstadt.

Hi! I’m Marguerite, the girl behind Berlin & Around. This expat travel blog started as an Instagram account, which, though renamed several times, started as a way to chronicle my journey to Europe on a one-way ticket.

Little did I know that I would fall in love with – and settle in – Berlin. But I did, and born was Berlin & Around. And along with it, a whole community of 16,000 like-minded expats and wanderers across social media.

Berlin & Around is, in my mind, an abbreviation of “Berlin and around the World”. Just because I settled in Berlin, it does not mean I became any less restless. If anything, my yearning to explore only intensified.

But Covid times taught me that I can be just as amazed by waterfalls on the other side of the world as by a medieval village a short ICE ride from Berlin’s Central Station. So this blog covers both: the adventures near and far, both wielding their own kind of magic.

expat travel blog
Overlooking the Verdon Gorge in Provence, France.

Who is this expat travel blog for?

This blog is for you if:

berlin day trip
My first foray into Poland on a day trip to Szczecin.

A blog but also a community

I love getting to know you guys and helping you explore new corners of the world! Follow us on Instagram for (almost) daily snaps of expat life and travels around the planet.

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I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with you!

expat travel blog
Marguerite, the author behind this expat travel blog

10 facts: the girl behind the blog

Here is a bit more information about me, the girl behind this expat travel blog:

  1. I have lived in 6 countries: Canada, France, Australia, the US, Switzerland and Germany.
  2. I have visited 26 countries – we’ll see if I make it to my goal of 30 under 30!
  3. I was born in Canada and grew up between Montreal and the South of France.
  4. Travel has always been a huge part of my life.
  5. I mostly went to international school, so was very familiar with the term “expat” from a very young age.
  6. When I’m not blogging, I love to run and walk. I believe the best way to explore the world is on foot.
  7. My favourite season is spring. I’m literally obsessed with cherry blossoms!
  8. During the pandemic, I cut out coffee, and somehow, I’ve survived! I used to be addicted, and now I’m so over it 🙂
  9. I also cut out sugar. The goal is to have a 95% sugar-free diet, but still enjoy the occasional treat.
  10. I studied German Literature at university, started my career as a Copywriter, then made the switch over to Growth Marketing.

Get in touch

Do you have a question, article suggestion for Berlin & Around or collab opportunity? You can get in touch with me at berlinandaround@gmail.com. I look forward to your messages!

Thank you for reading this expat travel blog and following along on the adventures!



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