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Welcome to Berlin and Around, a Berlin blog for expats!

In September 2016, I crossed the ocean on a one-way ticket to Europe. I wasn’t quite sure where I would end up, but after spending a month in Berlin, I knew this is where I belonged. The city just felt like home. Moving away to Switzerland for 6 months only confirmed that I needed to come back to Berlin – and stay. So here I am, a long-term expat, sharing my adventures in this evolving guide to exploring the city. I hope you enjoy this Berlin blog for expats!

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What can you expect to discover in this expat Berlin blog?

I am fortunate enough to have met, and start dating, a Potsdamer. My partner is very keen on showing me all the lesser known spots in Berlin and Brandenburg, which I now curate for other long-term expats, and travellers seeking a local experience.

As I continue to explore my adopted home town and the surrounding state, I will share the best of my adventures on the blog. We have a section on day trips, as well as on Berlin experiences, usually off-the-beaten path. 

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