zgorzelec travel guide

Zgorzelec Travel Guide: A Diamond in the Rough

Your Zgorzelec Travel Guide This may be the first Zgorzelec travel guide in English. In researching my trip to the German – Polish border towns Görlitz & Zgorzelec, I soon realised that little information exists about the city on the Polish side. There is plenty about German Görlitz, but the grittier, more real Zgorzelec is notContinue reading “Zgorzelec Travel Guide: A Diamond in the Rough”

things to do in Provence

What Are the 21 Unmissable Things to Do in Provence, France?

Discover 21 Unmissable Things to Do in Provence, France Things to do in Provence. Almost an endless list. From visiting charming villages nestled in the hills to crystal lakes that you could easily mistake for the sea, there is always something new to discover in this part of France. It can be difficult to pinpointContinue reading “What Are the 21 Unmissable Things to Do in Provence, France?”

berlin vintage fashion

Meet Clémentine: Berlin Vintage Fashion Solopreneur

Clémentine’s Story: Building a Vintage Fashion Business in Berlin I’m very excited to add a new chapter to our Expat Stories! After featuring Faye, British health and fitness coach, I had a chat with Berlin vintage fashion solopreneur Clémentine. It is in Berlin that this expat discovered her love of 90s fashion could also becomeContinue reading “Meet Clémentine: Berlin Vintage Fashion Solopreneur”

Berlin historical site

4 Berlin Historical Sites Under the Radar: Exploring Karlshorst

Discover Major Berlin Historical Sites Away From the Crowds in Karlshorst Karlshorst is one of those leafy, quiet suburbs where, at first glance, you think nothing significant every happened. But during my many jogs in the area, I accidentally stumbled upon major historical sites. From DDR watch towers to an abandoned airport to the placeContinue reading “4 Berlin Historical Sites Under the Radar: Exploring Karlshorst”


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