10 Black-Owned Businesses in Berlin

Ya-Man, one of the Black-owned businesses in Berlin

Discover Black-Owned Businesses in Berlin, Curated by the Berlin & Around Community

As everyone knows, we are living in difficult times. If you are looking to support the Black community in Berlin, one of the best ways to do so is to support their businesses. Before writing this post, I reached out to my lovely followers and the wider expat community, and asked them about their favourite Black-owned businesses in Berlin.

I’ve uncovered many amazing new restaurants and shops I can’t wait to visit, and I hope this inspires you, too! So without further ado, here is (the start to) a list of black-owned businesses in Berlin.

Cafes and Restaurants

AtayaCaffe. A happening vegan brunch spot in Prenzlauer Berg, serving Afro-Italian cuisine that is 100% organic. Two Berlin expats run the eatery and share the flavours of their respective countries – Italy and Senegal – in a truly international atmosphere. The amazingly colourful dishes will make your mouth water just by looking at them!

RosaCaleta. This restaurant, proposing a fusion of Jamaican and European flavours, is in Kreuzberg, right next to Markthalle 9. Catering services, as well as a chef for rent, are available for private and corporate events.

Tembo African Restaurant and Bar. This Swahili restaurant and bar/lounge is set at the edge of Lietzensee in Charlottenburg. You can taste eastern African cuisine on the ground floor, then make your way upstairs for the party. Tembo hosts monthly events showcasing African music, culture, and food.

Ya-Man. Jamaican restaurant in Moabit, which offers a wide range of healthy, fruity Caribbean options alongside classics like Jerk chicken. On top of a lovely cafe with outdoor seating, this restaurant also does catering.

Photo credit: AtayaCaffe

Barber shops and hair salons

Benny Barbers. An American-style Barber shop in Charlottenburg, owned by the son of a GI who grew up between the US and Germany. Owner Benny and his team not only provide barber services for men, but also sell various specialty products, including an in-house collection.

Global Hair Berlin. This Prenzlauer Berg salon also offers hair extension services, selling natural hair up to 75 cm in length. Many products can be purchased in the online shop.

Malaika Hair. Adding to the list of Black-owned businesses in Berlin’s Charlottenburg, this salon specialises in setting natural, professional hair extensions for women of all ethnicities.

Malaika Hair, one of the Black-owned businesses in Berlin
Photo credit: Malaika Hair

Online Shops

Swimmeriffics. An affiliate swimwear online shop. The owner of the shop lives in Germany, but free shipping is available worldwide. Take a look at the Swimmeriffics Instagram account for some summery inspiration.

Horticure. A very cool Berlin-based startup which virtually connects plant lovers with horticulturists, helping newbies become experienced plant parents. The business also sells and (contactlessly) delivers themed plant kits across Berlin’s zones A and B. It has never been easier to have an urban jungle at home!

KashKats. A fitness apparel business based in Berlin and the UK, currently stocking premium heavy combat resistance bands. KashKats will be launching a wider range of sportswear and swimwear by February 2021, so stay tuned!

Photo credit: Horticure

Add to the list of Black-owned businesses in Berlin!

This is by no means a complete repertoire of black-owned businesses in Berlin. For a more comprehensive look at Black organisations, businesses and sole traders in the city, you can check out Black Brown Berlin’s map.

This list will hopefully grow with time. If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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